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Has the flow of traffic increased at your business’s facility? Do you rely heavily on getting vehicles in and out of your garage in a timely manner? When you start opening and closing the garage door at your facility more frequently, you’ll begin to see an uptick in energy costs. 

Could your business benefit from a high speed garage door? Here are some of the issues they address:

Environmental control

By opening and closing more quickly, high speed garage doors help you better control the temperature in your garage. This is critical for businesses that depend on climate control to maintain product integrity. It also reduces garage heating or cooling costs, resulting in savings that could affect your bottom line.

High traffic flow

High speed garage doors improve productivity in businesses with heavy traffic flow in and out their garage. They can result in better employee and customer satisfaction. Whereas a slow, clunky garage door makes customers wait longer, high speed garage doors not only improve the customer experience, but also the perception of your brand and company.

High-security venues

Need to secure a garage that stores valuable merchandise? High speed garage doors are safer because they can help prevent criminal intruders from entering your facility. 

Are high speed garage doors right for your business? We can repair or install any type for your garage. 

Metal High Speed Garage Doors

Metal doors are made of solid aluminum, which is ideal for outdoor garages, especially in extreme weather conditions. They’re durable and easy to maintain.

Fabric High Speed Garage Doors

Fabric doors are less expensive, yet still durable. They’re not quite as fast as aluminum doors, but they’re great for indoor use, such as in car washes or auto dealership service bays.

Rubber High Speed Garage Doors

If your high speed garage doors will be used for warehousing or manufacturing facilities, rubber doors will give you the most durability. 

Take Your Facilities to the Next Level with High Speed Garage Doors

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