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Has a spring in your garage door system snapped? One clue is if your garage door only raises a few inches off the ground. The springs are required to help lift the door, and if one of them is broken, the door may open unevenly or not all the way.

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Types of Garage Door Springs

Different garage door systems use different types of springs. Be sure to have a garage door specialist look at yours so that you get the correct replacement for your system. 

Extension Springs:
Extension springs are a common type of garage door spring located on either side of the door next to each wheel track. They have safety cables that run through them in the event of a snapped spring, so that the spring can’t go far. Extension springs help conduct the energy required to lift your garage door, as the cable and pulley system do the lifting. These parts work together harmoniously, so if one spring is out of place, if affects the entire system.

Torsion Springs:
Torsion springs are mounted on a shaft on the wall above the garage door that spans the width of the door. On either end of the shaft, there are drums with attached cables that wrap around them. As the garage door closes, the cable unwraps to lower the door. Torsion spring damage causes the cables to lose their tension and fall off the drums. If something’s wrong with a torsion spring, chances are, your garage door won’t open at all.

Warning: Never attempt to remove, fix, adjust or replace garage door springs on your own!

Even the most seasoned DIY-ers should leave this job up to qualified specialists. Most garage door repairs should be done by garage door repair specialists, but there’s no part more dangerous than the springs. The large, thick springs on a garage door hold a huge amount of tension in their coils. When released improperly, they can seriously injure a person by hitting them, and can even be fatal. 

Call the Experts to Get Your Garage Door Springs Repaired

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