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Garage door tracks are the metal components rollers move along as the garage door opens and closes. When something goes wrong with them, your garage door may make loud noises opening and closing, shake and vibrate while moving, or stop working altogether.

Garage door tracks require regular maintenance to keep them working, including cleaning and lubrication. Without maintenance, the tracks can get jammed with debris, or end up rusting. If you don’t do regular maintenance on the tracks, you’ll end up needing them replaced when they wear down or stop working. 

What Can Go Wrong with Garage Door Tracks?

There are several problems that can occur:

Debris Buildup:
When leaves blow into your garage or other debris sweeps up into the tracks, it can build up over time and cause noise or inhibit the movement of the rollers inside them. Cleaning the tracks with a damp cloth may be enough to get them working again.

In humid climates, metal parts like garage door tracks can rust. Regularly cleaning and lubricating the track can help prevent rust, but once the metal has already rusted, you’ll need it replaced.

Poor Placement:
Problems with tracks can also arise if they’re not placed correctly. When too close to each other, the door can bind and not be able to move. When they’re too far from each other, the 

The metal tracks can get damaged by objects in your garage knocking into them, causing them to warp. Frigid temperatures can even cause the metal to warp, affecting the way the rollers run along them.

Types of Garage Door Tracks

If you end up needing to replace your garage door tracks, you need to make sure you get the right type for your system. Not all tracks are the same, and installing the wrong type could prevent the garage door from working. There are standard lift tracks, high lift tracks and low headroom tracks. Each type works with different engineering, since different garage doors open with different mechanisms. When you call in the pros to look at your garage door issue, we can assess whether you need new garage door tracks, and if you do, we’ll make sure we hook you up with the right type.

Getting Your Garage Door Tracks Fixed

Replacing broken or damaged garage door tracks requires taking down other parts of your garage door system and putting it back together properly. This is not a DIY project! Be sure to rely on the experience and expertise of qualified garage door repair specialists. At (561) 475-4715, we’re ready to help. Give us a call and we’ll come assess the issue and promptly repair your garage door.