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Most of us take our garage door opener for granted, until it doesn’t open or close the door. When that happens, you may quickly learn how inconvenient it is to use the emergency release to open your garage door manually. Our team can help get your garage door opener fully functional again. But before you call, make sure you’ve ruled out these possibilities:

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Check the Safety Photo Eyes

Safety photo eyes are a feature all garage door are required to have (since 1993) to prevent injuries caused when the garage door closes. They’re the sensors that detect if something (or someone) is in the garage door’s path as it closes. Located about 6 inches from the ground on either side of your garage door, they’re connected by an invisible beam that enables them to “see” obstacles under the door. If these sensors aren’t functioning, the garage door won’t open or close when prompted with the clicker.

Make sure the sensors are aligned with each other so that they “look” one another straight in the eye. Often they’re bumped by a person, animal or object in your garage and they lose their alignment. Simply realigning these sensors could get your garage door opener working again.

Check the Wall Console for “Vacation Lock” 

“Vacation lock” is an extra security feature some garage door openers have to prevent portable openers from opening your garage door while you’re away. It’s typically a setting found on your garage door wall console, so be sure to check the settings to see if vacation lock has been activated.

Check the Circuit Breaker

If the circuit breaker is off, preventing power from going to the garage door opener. Turn on your operator light to make sure power is on and working.

Make Sure the Emergency Release Isn’t Pulled

If you’ve pulled the emergency release cord, which is the red cord attached to the garage door trolley on the ceiling, your garage door opener may have disengaged. Restore the emergency release cord to its proper position before trying your garage door opener again.

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When to Call in the Pros? If you’ve tried all the above and ruled out these easy fixes, call us at (561) 475-4715 and we’ll fix the issue for you.