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If your garage doors are essential to the workflow and operations of your business, then a regular maintenance plan for your garage doors is a must. Let us come in on a regular schedule to inspect and do maintenance work on your garage doors. We can identify minor problems before they affect your business, saving you future repair costs and downtime.

When you get regular maintenance done to care for your garage door, you can extend its lifespan and save money on repair and replacement costs. We can accommodate your schedule and budget to create a maintenance plan that works for the type of commercial door you have and how often you use it. It may be required monthly, twice a year or once a year. 

All types of commercial garage doors require regular maintenance to prevent breakdowns, so this is a step you can’t afford to skip. Without it, you won’t be able to detect operational malfunctions early, before they become problems and put your workflow and your employees at risk. 

What’s Included in Planned Maintenance? 

  • We check the integrity of your rollers, bearings, cables, tracks, chains, endlocks, bottom bars, and all other parts to ensure they’re aligned and functioning
  • We lubricate shaft bearings, hinges, chain hoists, rollers and disconnects
  • We tighten hinges drums, couplings, track brackets and hangars
  • We check your operator, safety features and controls
  • We adjust the clutch, break and limit assemblies

Ready to Take Preventative Measures?

Call us to set up planned maintenance today so you can prevent expensive and inconvenient problems down the line. Each maintenance appointment you’ll get a checklist of work performed and recommendations for required repairs or replacements.