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Garage door remotes and keypads are super convenient, until they stop working. If you can’t get your garage door open, there are a few tests you can run to try and fix it yourself. If all fails, call us at iQ Garage Doors and we’ll repair or replace your remote, keypad or wall console.

Possible Fixes Before You Call

When you can’t open your garage door, here are a few things to rule out before you call in for repairs:

Check the Batteries:
Try changing the batteries, in case it’s simply an issue of dead batteries. 

Check Your Garage Door User Manual:
Refer to the user manual that came with your garage door system for instructions on how to program the garage door remote or keypad. If either one of these isn’t working, they may need to be programmed.

Make Sure Security Lock Is Off:
Some garage doors have a “security lock” or “vacation lock” feature that stops the functioning of all remotes and keypads while you’re away. Check the settings on your wall console to see if you’ve accidentally activated this safety feature.

Check the Photo Eye Sensors:
Before you decide it’s a problem with the remote, keypad or wall console, make sure the photo eye sensors on either side of your garage door are aligned with each other. If they aren’t facing directly at one another, your garage door won’t be able to open. If they are aligned, then you can assume it’s probably an issue with the remote or keypad you’re using.

Order a New Garage Door Remote or Keypad

If you’ve ruled out the above possibilities, try getting a new remote or keypad to replace the broken one. Sometimes garage door remotes, wall consoles and keypads do break, since they have receiver boards, control boards and other components that can get damaged or wear down and stop functioning. Ordering a replacement is the only solution in this case.

Could It Be Interference?

Garage door remotes and keypads use frequency signals to operate, so if you’re located close to an airport or military base where there’s an output of strong air wave signals, interference could prevent your clicker from working.

Getting Professional Help

When you call us, our team can help determine the source of your issue and repair or replace your remote, keypad or wall console accordingly. If you’re having trouble with any of your garage door openers, give us a call at (561) 475-4715 today!