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How to Choose the Best Garage Door for Your Home: 5 Factors to Consider

Whether it’s time to replace an outdated garage door or you’re looking for something that appeals to the aesthetics of your home, choosing a new garage door is no easy task. When you look at the different types and styles, the selection may seem overwhelming.

Garage Door Security and Safety Tips: How to Prevent Garage Door Break-Ins

You may be great at keeping your windows and doors locked, but thieves like to get creative. If a burglar has been eyeing your home for a break-in, your garage door could make you vulnerable.

How to Weather-Proof Your Garage Door

Changing weather can seal your garage door shut at the bottom. Grease is rarely a problem when temperatures are higher, but cold weather can prevent your garage door from opening and closing when there’s not enough grease.

Garage Door Fixes: When to DIY and When to Call the Pros

There’s nothing wrong with a DIY approach to most things around the house. Garage doors, however, are one of the most dangerous mechanisms in your house. Falling or releasing a spring improperly can even be fatal

Should You Replace Your Garage Door or Repair It

Replacing a garage door sounds like a large expense, but in many cases it’s an investment that helps you save heaps of money on garage door repairs down the line.

Is Your Garage Door Safe? 3 Tests You Must Perform Regularly

Garage doors are designed to be safe, but without regular maintenance and inspections, your garage door can pose certain safety risks. Though you shouldn’t attempt garage door repairs or part replacements on your own.

Garage Door Problems? 3 Reasons to Call the Pros

There’s nothing wrong with getting a job done yourself, except when it’s dangerous and requires the expertise of a professional.