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There’s nothing wrong with a DIY approach to most things around the house. Garage doors, however, are one of the most dangerous mechanisms in your house. Falling or releasing a spring improperly can even be fatal, so it’s important to know when to call in the experts who really know what they’re doing. Some problems you can fix yourself, however. We’ll help you figure out what you can DIY and what requires help:

Problems You Can Fix Yourself

When you have garage door troubles, here’s how to know what can be fixed yourself:

1. Wheel Track Obstruction

When your garage door won’t open or close when prompted, the first step is to check for any physical obstruction in the wheel tracks, where the rollers move as the garage door opens and close. Removing any debris or cleaning the tracks with a damp rag can resolve this problem. 

2. Photo-eye Sensor Obstruction

If your garage door won’t open and close and there’s nothing obstructing the rollers in the wheel tracks, there could be a photo-eye sensor obstruction. The photo eye sensors sit around six inches from the floor of your garage on either side of the garage door and are connected by an invisible beam. When one of the sensors loses its alignment with the other by being knocked and moved, the door won’t be able to open or close. Realigning the sensors will fix this problem

3. Garage Door Opener Problems

If your garage door won’t open when prompted by the opener installed in the wall, you’ll need to check the wiring between the opener and the system. If the portable opener in your car isn’t working, try replacing the battery.

Issues that Need a Professional

These are the situations that will require help from a garage door repair service:

1. Your Garage Door Opens and Closes Unevenly

If movement is uneven when your garage door opens and closes, you may have an issue with a spring or the gears. You’ll need a professional to identify the problem and perform the necessary repair.

2. Loud Noises or Vibrations

Of course, all garage doors make noise and vibrate a little. But when the sound is much louder than normal, or if you hear loud squeaking or scraping, you’ll need your system looked at. If your door jerks and shakes around when it opens and closes, it’s another sign you need a repair. If lubricating the tracks and other parts doesn’t do the trick for these problems, call in an expert.

3. The door isn’t closing all the way

If your garage door doesn’t close all the way and you’ve checked for obstructions, you could have broken springs or damaged cables. This is definitely a job for professionals, who can correctly identify the issue and repair it safely.

Fixing Problems on Your Own vs. Hiring Professionals

It feels good knowing you can complete a home improvement job on your own without calling in a professional. But when it comes to garage doors, many times a professional job is required for safety reasons. When you call in a professional service like iQ Garage Doors, we diagnose your problem quickly and handle your repair with accuracy and complete safety. Give us a call if you’re looking for a garage door repair specialist in your area.