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Replacing a garage door sounds like a large expense, but in many cases it’s an investment that helps you save heaps of money on garage door repairs down the line. You can rest assured knowing a brand new garage door is fully functioning, safe and properly installed when you have it professionally replaced. Often, however, you only need to pay for one repair and you can still get a lot of use out of your garage door. Here are the ways you can tell whether you should have or garage door replaced or get it repaired:

Signs You Need a Repair

Garage door systems are generally durable and are meant to last. If you experience any of these malfunctions or “symptoms,” a professional repair is probably all you need:

1. The garage door doesn’t open and close evenly on either side

If the garage door moves unevenly when it opens and closes instead of staying parallel to the ground, you may have a spring or track issue. You’ll want to have a garage door repair specialist look at your door and perform the correct repair.

2. Squeaking and scraping noises 

A squeaky garage door usually isn’t a cause for worry, as long as it’s remedied when you clean the parts and apply lubricant. If your garage door is particularly loud or shaky when opening and closing and the problem doesn’t clear up when parts are lubricated, you’ll need a professional to take a look.

3. The door isn’t closing all the way

If your garage door doesn’t close all the way (given that nothing is physically obstructing its path) you could have broken springs or damaged cables. This is another job for a professional, who can correctly identify the issue and repair it.

Signs You Need a Replacement

Sometimes you need to replace your garage door. Most of the time, it’s because the door system is very old or it’s damaged beyond repair.

1. Damaged Panels

If you have damaged panels on your garage door due to car collisions, vandalism, severe weather or any other cause, you should consider replacing your garage door. Not only does the damage affect the aesthetic appeal of your home, but also it could affect the functioning of your entire garage door system.

2. There’s no Auto-Reverse Feature

Some older garage door systems lack the auto-reverse feature that senses objects in the door’s path when closing. If there’s no auto-reverse, your garage door poses a safety risk to pets and children. Plus, your garage door can easily become damaged if something’s obstructing it while closing.

Getting Help from the Pros

More often than not, hiring a repair service like iQ Garage Doors can fix your garage door problems. On the other hand, replacing an old or beaten up garage door can increase the value of your home and ensure your garage door is safe and fully functional. For help installing or repairing your garage door, get in touch with us at iQ Garage Doors. We can determine exactly what needs fixed and get it done in no time.