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There’s nothing wrong with getting a job done yourself, except when it’s dangerous and requires the expertise of a professional. While many problems around the house can be fixed with a little paint or a tool from your toolbox, garage door problems are a lot more serious. Here are 3 reasons you’ll want professionals to handle your garage door repair:

1. Torsion Springs Can Cause Injuries

Garage door springs are typically mounted horizontally above the door opening. Most garage door spring systems are made with torsion springs because they’re reliable. When they do break, however, or when another part of the door system breaks and it affects the springs, repairing the springs is a dangerous task. They store a great deal of mechanical energy, enough to help lift the weight of a garage door. If a spring breaks or dismounts while you’re attempting a repair, a lot of force is released, and you or someone nearby could be seriously injured from being hit by the spring.

Fiddling with torsion springs, you could also cause the garage door to slam shut and injure someone in the way of the door. Fixing or replacing a torsion spring is something that definitely must be left up to the pros, who have professional experience and know how to take the necessary precautions.

2. You Might Cause Damages

It’s easy to mess up your garage door system when you don’t know what you’re doing. Garage doors are nuanced systems, and there’s quite a learning curve to get over when you decide to make your own fix. Not understanding how the entire garage door system works and knowing the specific requirements for fixing the problem could cause you to fix the wrong part or use the wrong tools.

Why risk causing additional problems when you could call in the pros? It’ll save you the time, headache and additional costs of repair if you make things worse. You also don’t want to risk causing damage to your car or other items in your garage when you try and fix your garage door by yourself.

3. You Could Have a Serious Fall

Home repairs that involve getting up on a ladder are best left to the experts, who’ve had lots of practice and know exactly what they’re doing before they climb up. Falls are the largest cause of home-related accidents, and they can be deadly. When it comes to fixing garage door issues, the risk of falling is greater than if you were cleaning out gutters or applying paint, because the parts involved in a garage door system are large and heavy, and if the door itself falls, it could easily cause you to fall with it.

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As you can see, calling in the pros should be a no-brainer. Garage doors are one of the most dangerous mechanisms in a home, but quality repair services like iQ Garage Doors is here to help. Give us a call today!